Earth Observation Spacecraft

CARBONITEEarth Observation - Optical, HD colour video

Low cost 1m GSD colour video

Operating at an altitude of 500km, Carbonite satellites provide 1m GSD colour video employing a Forward Motion Compensation (FMC) imaging mode which enables captures of  >120 seconds of a single target, adding a new dimension to high resolution Earth observation imagery.

Carbonite-1, launched in July 2015, demonstrated low cost, 1m GSD imagery and was followed by Carbonite-2 in January 2018 which provided the world's first commercial HD colour video from space.


  • Change detection
  • Pattern of life assessments
  • Humanitarian and disaster management
  • Global high resolution situational awareness
  • National security
  • Elevation model generation
  • Infrastructure and asset monitoring

A constellation of Carbonite satellites would provide robustness against weather conditions and target concealment.

View/download Carbonite datasheet


TRUECOLOUREarth Observation - Optical

Medium spatial resolution and multi-spectral options

The TrueColour satellite provides a medium spatial resolution and multi-spectral resolution option in the series, using the same platform as the Carbonite series.  The SSTL TrueColour imager has a wide swath and images in 9 selected bands.


  • Forestry & agricultural 
  • Maritime
  • Mapping & planning
  • Disaster support

View/download TrueColour datasheet


PRECISIONEarth Observation - Optical, Multispectral

Multispectral imager, with high agility and high area coverage

The SSTL-Precision satellite provides very high resolution, high quality imagery in support of pan-sharpened colour mapping and surveillance applications. The spacecraft is designed to be compact in order to support affordable operations as a stand-alone unit or in constellations providing higher temporal resolution. Larger than the Carbonite high resolution imaging spacecraft, it provides higher resolution data as well as signifcantly greater data return.


  • Mapping
  • Surveillance
  • Infrastructure and asset monitoring
  • Disaster monitoring

View/download Precision datasheet


CARBSAREarth Observation - Synthetic Aperture Radar

Deployable X-band SAR payload

CarbSAR utilises the platform heritage of the Carbonite series, and combines it with an innovative deployable X-band SAR payload to provide high resolution imaging capabilities night and day, and whatever the weather.


  • Defence and security
  • Maritime
  • Disaster response
  • Environment & infrastructure

View/download CarbSAR datasheet


DARKCARBEarth Observation - MWIR

High resolution mid-wave infra-red (MWIR) imager

DarkCarb is a high resolution mid-wave infra-red (MWIR) imaging satellite which can produce thermal data with a resolution as good as the capability, with one tenth the spacecraft mass.


  • Change detection & human activity
  • Pattern of life assessments
  • Humanitarian & disaster management
  • Global high resolution situational awareness
  • National security & defence
  • Infrastructure & asset monitoring
  • Urban heat mapping

View/download DarkCarb datasheet


NOVASAREarth Observation - Synthetic Aperture Radar

Small Synthetic Aperture S-Band Radar Mission

NovaSAR is a small S-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) mission designed for low cost programmes and optimised for shared launch opportunities.

  • NovaSAR-1 launched 2018
  • Global access with average re-visit 3-4 days
  • Secondary AIS payload to provide information on detected ships

View/download NovaSAR datasheet

View S Band SAR images acquired by NovaSAR-1


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