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Telesat LEO Phase 1 satellite: Launched 2018

/space-portfolio/launched-missions/2010-2019/telesat-leo-phase-1-satellite-launched-2018 SSTL supplied a small low earth orbit (LEO) satellite to Telesat, a leading global satellite operator, as part of a test and validation phase for an advanced, global LEO satellite constellation. The satellite flies an SSTL-built Ka payload and utilises hydrazine propulsion sy...

SSTL confirms launch of CARBONITE-2 and Telesat LEO satellite

/media-hub/latest-news/2018/sstl-confirms-launch-of-carbonite-2-and-telesat-leo-satellite Press Release - SSTL confirms the successful launch of CARBONITE-2 and Telesat LEO Phase 1 satellite

Telesat LEO Phase 1 satellite demonstrates first ever demo of 5G connectivity over a LEO satellite

/media-hub/latest-news/2019/telesat-leo-phase-1-satellite-demonstrates-first-ever-demo-of-5g-connectivity-over-a-leo-satellite Press Release - The 5G connectivity test, which was conducted at the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre (5GIC), connected their 5G test network to the Telesat LEO Phase 1 satellite for a limited series of tests, which represented the World’s first 5G connection over a...

SSTL expertise enables new space mission for the FORMOSAT-7 weather constellation

/media-hub/latest-news/2019/sstl-expertise-enables-new-space-mission-for-the-formosat-7-weather-constellation Press Release - The successful launch on 24 June 2019 of 6 satellites for the FORMOSAT-7 weather forecasting constellation marks the start of another SSTL enabled space mission.