Doing Space Differently.

Doing Space Differently. Article

Changing the Economics of Space

SSTL’s many achievements have been made possible by our innovative and audacious spirit coupled with pioneering a low cost, COTS based approach to space technologies.   Sir Martin Sweeting’s original vision for the company was to enable “Affordable access to Space” and to “Changing the economics of Space” – SSTL’s first straplines.  We were pretty much alone when we set out to achieve this goal over 30 years ago  - true pioneers, demonstrating the value and performance of small satellites.  Now, with the emergence of so many NewSpace companies founded on the premise of using small, low cost satellites to achieve their space ambitions, we have realised our goal and have been instrumental in Changing the Economics of Space. Job done!

Doing Space Differently.

So we have decided that now is the time to update SSTL’s strapline to one that reflects our unique ethos of agility, audacious creativity, innovation, and our deep rooted passion for promoting the use of space by everyone that sets us apart from others in the industry. 

SSTL is Doing Space Differently by:

  • Offering an innovative whole systems solution which can be adapted to meet customer needs at a low cost.  We are proud of our reputation for engaging with our customers with a flexible approach to achieving mission success in a truly collaborative spirit. 
  • Having a unique engineering methodology – “the SSTL Way” that rapidly delivers fit-for-purpose, low cost missions by using a blend of pragmatic thinking with the latest space technology innovations, heritage based flexible building blocks, COTS technologies, vertical integration, lean processes, verification at the highest level, and incorporating redundancy at multiple levels.
  • Advocating an enlightened attitude to sharing knowledge and know-how for the betterment of the space industry and society as a whole.  As well as our world-class space mission training programmes, we also offer opportunities for in-country manufacture and collaboration, and IP licensing.

We look forward to many more years of enabling advancement in Space through pioneering audacious satellite technologies and products and sharing our know-how and expertise with our customers. 

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