UK’s Space Innovation and Growth Strategy 2014-2030 is good for business, says SSTL

UK’s Space Innovation and Growth Strategy 2014-2030 is good for business, says SSTL Press Release

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) welcomes the recommendations contained in the Space “Innovation and Growth Strategy” document announced today by UKspace President, Andy Green, and believes that these are fundamental to successfully growing the UK space sector, where SSTL is an established contributor. 

SSTL is the world’s leading small satellite company and has reported a year-on-year growth over the last ten years, with over 90% of earnings resulting from export orders, a reflection of the UK’s vibrant and innovative space industry. 

Dr Matt Perkins, SSTL CEO and Vice Chair of UKspace, stated: “SSTL’s success highlights the huge growth potential of this sector, and I believe that the opportunities for growth identified in today’s Space Innovation and Growth Strategy are exciting and will open up new markets for all involved in the UK Space community. I am particularly pleased by the recommendation to establish a Climate Services Centre for Europe at the Harwell Space Gateway which will position the UK at the leading edge of Earth observation data exploitation, and by the recommendation to invest in the launch of in-orbit technology demonstrators - follow-on missions to TechDemoSat-1 which was designed and built by SSTL and is due for launch early next year.”

SSTL fully supports all the recommendations in the report with special interest in the establishment of a fully resourced National Space Growth Programme to enable the UK to seize growth opportunities that require bi-lateral collaboration with other Space nations and the recommendation to promote investment in a UK Space Port, which could ultimately provide new launch opportunities for small satellites.

Universities and Science Minister David Willetts, said: "Space is one of the eight great technologies of the future and I want to make the UK the best place to grow existing and new businesses in the world. I share the Space Leadership Council’s vision to encourage billions of pounds worth of new exports, to create up to 100,000 skilled jobs and contribute to a vibrant regional small business sector spread across the UK, ensuring we remain competitive in the global space market."

About SSTL
Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) is the world's leading small satellite company, delivering operational space missions for a range of applications including Earth observation, science and communications. The Company designs, manufactures and operates high performance satellites and ground systems for a fraction of the price normally associated with space missions, with 580 staff working on turnkey satellite platforms, space-proven satellite subsystems and optical instruments. 

Since 1981 SSTL has built and launched 41 satellites for 16 countries – as well as providing training and development programmes, consultancy services, and mission studies for ESA, NASA , international governments and commercial customers, with its innovative approach that is changing the economics of space.

Headquartered in Guildford, UK, SSTL is owned by Astrium BV.

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