Interplanetary services

Interplanetary services



SSTL, Goonhilly Earth Station and the European Space Agency are partnering to create a transportation, communication and navigation service, to support missions in lunar orbit and on the lunar surface.

Our goal is to provide valuable services that enable mission operations across all regions of the lunar surface and to develop an industrial ecosystem that creates a foundation for In-Situ Resource Utilisation.

Find out more about our "Ride and Phone Home" lunar mission. 

We are manifesting cubesats and hosted payloads for our upcoming lunar missions; contact for more details.


First stop, the Moon…next stop Mars!  We are aiming to travel further into the Solar System.  

A spacecraft as small as 30kg offers opportunities for flying imaging systems and science payloads into Mars orbit.  


Mission concept for a rapid-build mission to Mars, leveraging opportunistic launch capacity

Exoplanet science opportunities – exploring deep space from Low Earth Orbit

Exoplanet scientists don’t get a lot of time on existing – or planned – space-based telescopes, and when they do, it's expensive.   So we're involved in a dedicated commercial science mission to give exoplanet scientists the telescope time they need, at a price that they can afford.

This is the concept for TWINKLE, a mission that will unravel the story of planets in our Galaxy. Twinkle is a small, low-cost commercial mission that will use spectroscopy to decode the light from hundreds of extrasolar planets and solar system objects. Twinkle will be able to reveal, for the first time, the chemical composition, weather and history of a large population of worlds orbiting distant stars.

Visit the TWINKLE website to find out more.

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