NigeriaSat-2 & NigeriaSat-X Training Programme

NigeriaSat-2 & NigeriaSat-X Training Programme

The NigeriaSAT-2 programme built on the success of the first Nigerian KHTT mission NigeriaSAT-1 and enhanced the satellite capabilities  with much improved resolution.

More focus was given on the software and image processing during the training activities.

To apply the knowledge and skills gained from the NigariaSat-1 programme, the Nigerian engineers were tasked with building NigeriaSat-X (an SSTL-100 engineering model). Although initially planned to stay on the ground, it was decided to launch it with NigeriaSAT-2. NigeriaSAT-X was the first indigenously built satellite in a foreign facility.

15 engineers took Masters and PhD courses at the University of Surrey.

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