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Products - SSTL Platforms

SSTL's range of flexible, robust and low cost satellite platforms suit commercial, institutional and academic applications and make us partner of choice for our global customers.

The SSTL 42 range

Light, scalable system
  • Low launch costs
  • Licensable
  • Ideal for training missions
  • Ideal for rapid revisit constellations and video from orbit applications
  • 5 platform variants based on the same heritage avionics with different options for AOCS, payloads and structure.

 Variants: SSTL 6U, SSTL 12Nano, SSTL-42, SSTL-100, SSTL-150, CARBONITE


The SSTL 300 range

Performance at low cost system, customised around payload requirements
  • Low cost
  • Launch efficient
  • Payload options
  • 5 platform variants based on the same architecture with different options for structure and payloads.
  • Ideal for high performance Earth Observation missions.

Variants: SSTL-250, SSTL-300S1, NovaSAR, UC Optical, UC SAR.



Ruggedized for higher radiation LEO orbits
  • Based on the SSTL 300 avionics with extra shielding and optimised for communication payloads.  
  • Ideal for Pathfinder missions.



Mini GEO platform and a direct descendent from the GIOVE-A satellite 
  • Low mission costs - flexible and low cost platform design, optimised for a low cost launch.
  • Designed for a launch mass of 500kg-1000kg
  • Up to 3kW
  • 7-10 years in GEO orbit
  • Also suitable for MEO orbit, or interplanetary flight