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UK-DMC-1: The Mission

UK-DMC-1: The Mission

UK-DMC-1 was based on the SSTL-100 platform and was launched on 27 September 2003. 

UK-DMC-1 was an earth observation satellite for the then BNSC (now the UK Space Agency).  It carried a 32m imager operating in 3 spectral bands.  

UK-DMC-1 operated within the Disaster Monitoring Constellation, the first Earth observation constellation of low cost small satellites providing daily images for applications including global disaster monitoring. The Disaster Monitoring Constellation is coordinated by DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) for disaster response within the International Charter: Space & Major Disasters (



UK-DMC-1 carried experimental payloads including:

The CLEO Cisco router which demonstrated the first use of the Interplanetary Internet v6 in space.  

An experiment demonstrating GNSS reflectometry. 
The concept was successfully demonstrated and an updated GNSS reflectometry payload was flown on TechDemoSat-1, launched in 2014, with data successfully generating Delay Doppler diagrams, translated by the National Oceanographic Centre into sea-state diagrams.  

A water resistojet propulsion system.
UK-DMC-1 carried an experimental water resistojet propulsion system, developed by SSTL.  The water propulsion system was designed and built in less than 6 months with a total system mass of 188g, which included 2.06g of propellant.  The thruster was orientated to spin up the spacecraft, and its thrust was measured using the reaction wheels to compensate for the torque generated.  Average thrust of 3.3mN was achieved.   

UK-DMC-1 was placed in a lower orbit in November 2010, as it neared the end of its operational life.  Daily operations ceased in November 2011, after over eight years in orbit.


Satellite Data



Earth Observation



Launch Data

Launch Date:
27 September 2003

Launch Site:
Plesetsk Kosmodrome, Russia


686km sun-synchronous

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