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(root)Faraday Mission - Call for LEO Payloads

Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) and In-Space Missions Limited (In-Space) have teamed up to provide an opportunity for an ultra-low cost ride to Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

The call for payload opportunities on the first Faraday mission is now open and is hosted on a dedicated website at
The in-orbit demonstration Faraday missions, named in honour of Michael Faraday, one of Britain’s greatest experimentalists and scientific communicators, offer ultra-low cost prices for a ride to LEO. The Faraday satellite platforms will be designed and manufactured by SSTL making use of their world leading robust space design approach, with In-Space managing the payload interface and providing customers with expert support for design, test and service exploitation.
Sized from 12U to 150kg, the Faraday missions have been designed to support a range of payload interfaces, including a simple USB interface, offering customers a streamlined test and integration campaign. The inaugural mission will provide a six to twelve month qualification and demonstration phase for on-board payloads, followed by a 5 year early service exploitation phase for at least one payload.