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Culture, Values, Mindsets and Behaviours


The SSTL Culture

SSTL's genuinely open environment is informal yet hard working, characterised by an informal dress policy, busy in-house café and a complete open door policy. A sense of team spirit and a willingness to achieve success as part of a team is what we look for in potential recruits and why we have been awarded a Best Companies To Work For accreditation.

Communication is key to our work and our café plays host to a weekly ‘family’ meeting for all staff hosted by our Chief Executive so that staff can hear the latest news on all projects – as well as social and sporting activities. Staff briefing meetings are also held quarterly where Divisional Directors provide a snapshot of the business.

Culture and Values

SSTL is an exciting place delivering innovation into space. We…

  • have a passion and commitment to deliver
  • grow and develop people
  • have a pioneering and unique approach to space
  • are informal and friendly
  • encourage the freedom to be curious
  • are flexible and agile in everything we do
  • We work with integrity by living our values which are:
  • Openness and honesty
  • Team spirit
  • Valuing each other
  • Commitment
Openness and honesty – we…
  • Communicate the good and the bad
  • Are approachable and accessible
  • Give reasons to decisions
  • Have no hidden agenda’s
  • Are not constrained by perceived lines of communication
  • Respect the need for confidentiality
  • Give timely feedback
  • Encourage healthy debate
  • Tell it as it is

Valuing each other – we…
  • Consider others opinions
  • Listen to others
  • Try to understand
  • Trust others judgement
  • Acknowledge contribution
  • Make time for people
  • Appreciate differences
  • Accept responsibility
  • Respect others

Commitment – we…
  • Deliver results
  • Take the initiative
  • Do what we say we’d do
  • Do our best
  • Do what it takes
  • Demonstrate emotional attachment to our work
  • Show we care
  • Understand what we’re committing to

Team spirit – we…
  • Trust our colleagues
  • Help each other find solutions
  • Celebrate team achievement
  • Encourage cross-functional team working
  • Behave as one unified team
  • Lead by example
  • Everyone is equal and they count

Mindsets and Behaviours

At SSTL we want our employees to display the right behaviours and attitudes that contribute to our success as a company.  We are committed to ensuring that our Mindsets are embedded in how we recruit our people, which means that our competency based interviews enable us to assess potential new employees against our competencies.  It is important that all new employees joining the company have the right behaviours and attitudes.  We also ensure that all employees’ are appraised annually against our core competencies which 0are closely aligned to our mindsets.