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UK takes over international disaster relief effort

The time has come for the UK to take up leadership of the International Charter: Space and Major Disasters for a second time. Each member space agency takes it in turn to lead the Charter for a six-month period, and from yesterday Wednesday 11 May, DMCii together with the UK Space Agency will hos...

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12 May 20110 Comments0 Comments

Handling heat in nano-sats

The European Space Agency (ESA) has awarded SSTL with a Micro Heat Management System Study to identify innovative techniques to manage heat in nano/micro satellites (defined as having a volume smaller than 400×400×400 mm). The objective is to find recommendations on low cost heat management sys...

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03 May 20110 Comments0 Comments

Satellites improving UK emergency response

You may have heard of the severe flooding taking place in the UK within the last few weeks, fortunately only as part of a simulation conducted by the Environment Agency for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Welsh Assembly. Known as "˜Exercise Watermark’, the exercise ...

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01 April 20110 Comments0 Comments

Nano-satellite competition finalist

Following our recent spate of nano-sat news, SSTL has been announced as one of the finalists in the first-ever Nano-satellite Constellation Mission Idea Contest. The contest is organised by Japanese based Axelspace and SSTL is in stiff competition with organisations such as Massachusetts Institut...

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11 March 20110 Comments0 Comments

SSTL receives first payload equipment for European Sat-Nav

SSTL has taken delivery of a Search and Rescue Antenna (SARANT) for use to support the development of the fully operational satellites that will power Europe’s new satellite navigation system. An important milestone, this is the first payload equipment to be delivered to SSTL since it was select...

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07 March 20110 Comments0 Comments

Faster, smarter space: Inter-Satellite Links

Space Blog caught up with Shaun Kenyon from SSTL’s Mission Concepts following a busy IAC 2010 for the eagerly awaited follow up to his interview. Today we’re looking at Inter-Satellite Links (ISLs). Whereas most satellites communicate via one or more groundstations on Earth, there are a number...

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03 March 20110 Comments0 Comments

A decade of disaster monitoring

Celebrating 10 years of success, members of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) and representatives from 12 different countries, the European Space Agency and six UK government departments met up in London last week for the 13th DMC Consortium Meeting. The UK Space Agency, SSTL and DMC I...

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25 February 20110 Comments0 Comments

What's smaller than small? - Nanosats

During the past 25 years building satellites, SSTL has been instrumental in changing the economics of space for customers ranging from established space players such as ESA and NASA through to establishing new space programs for nations taking their first steps in space. With the incredible adva...

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04 February 20110 Comments0 Comments

Low cost satcoms under the microscope

In October 2010 SSTL kicked off a reliability study for the European Space Agency (ESA) in partnership with BAE Systems, looking at alternative approaches to designing and analysing system-level reliability for low cost telecommunications missions. ARTES-1 is the preparatory element to the Adv...

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31 January 20110 Comments0 Comments

Matt Perkins accepts Coachmakers award

Dr Matt Perkins, CEO of SSTL, accepted a prestigious industry award for outstanding contributions to technological advancement in aerospace, also involving elegance and commercial significance on Monday 24th January. SSTL was given this award by the Worshipful Company of Coachmakers, that promote...

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27 January 20110 Comments0 Comments

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