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Awards Season

SSTL is enjoying some hard-won recognition for engineering excellence, ranging from outstanding individual achievements to strong export growth and innovative new projects.


Made in the South East Awards

Earlier in the month SSTL were delighted to be the winner in the Aerospace category  for Insider Media's Made in the South East Awards.  The Awards dinner was held at GLIVE in Guildford and was hosted by BBC journalist Justin Webb, and the guest speaker was Alan Foster, Operations Director and Manufacturing Director, at McLaren.  The Awards covered a diverse range of manufacturing excellence across the South East region with SSTL sharing the winner's platform with companies such as Xtrac, manufacturers of transmission systems for Formula One racing cars, and Joe & Seph's Popcorn who make interesting and bespoke flavoured popcorn in Hertfordshire. 

SSTL now goes forward to contest the Aerospace category in the National Made in the UK awards next year - Liverpool here we come! 

British Engineering Excellence Awards

Last week SSTL were at the British Engineering Excellence Awards, sponsored by Findlay Media, to support Rosie Linehan who was shortlisted in the Young Design Engineer of the Year category.  Since joining SSTL as an engineering graduate in 2010, Rosie has developed mission planning software that improves the ability to place image data from satellites onto Earth maps, and worked on implementing triple modular redundancy of FPGAs on flight memory systems to mitigate the impact of radiation.  Rosie is now the lead engineer for the delivery of the payload and platform interface system for the Galileo navigation satellites. 

Rosie Linehan at the BEEA awards lunch

Although Rosie didn't win, the category was so hotly contested that the organisers decided to award her a framed Highly Commended certificate and we are all very proud of Rosie for representing the talent we have here at SSTL. 

Rosie Linehan, Jack Bolton (winner), and Adam Malpass at the BEEAs

Incidentally, the winner, Jack Bolton, is a graduate in Electronic Engineering from the University of Surrey, just down the road from us and with whom we have strong links, and he now works for one of our subcontractors, Selex ES!   


The IET's Innovation Awards

And finally, SSTL's radar satellite platform, NovaSAR, is shortlisted for an Innovation award from the IET, with the awards dinner taking place next month.  Watch this space! 






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