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Introducing the Ground Systems Group

This week Space Blog caught up with James Northam, head of the Ground Systems Group to find out more about how SSTL helps its customers to use and control their satellites once they are in space. James explained, "The moment a satellite is launched into orbit it is physically completely inaccess...

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08 June 20110 Comments0 Comments

EarthCARE MSI moves ahead

SSTL is supplying the EarthCARE Multi-Spectral Imager (MSI) instrument for ESA’s EarthCARE mission. With spacecraft prime being EADS Astrium GmbH, EarthCARE is a joint European-Japanese mission, addressing the need for a better understanding of the interactions between cloud, radiative and aeroso...

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07 June 20110 Comments0 Comments

Reaching out to future space cadets

SSTL’s very own Mission and Systems Team Leader Kathryn Graham not only inspires Space Blog readers, but also motivates young people of all ages to become interested in careers within science and engineering as a STEM ambassador. Kathryn reaches out to young people by, for example, visiting schoo...

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20 June 20110 Comments0 Comments

Earthquake Prediction From Space

For some years now, SSTL has been using its Disaster Monitoring Constellation satellites to assist people around the globe who have become victims of natural disasters. On behalf of the International Charter, imagery has been rapidly collected, analysed, and then delivered to relief organisations...

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17 June 20110 Comments0 Comments

Space-savvy MPs visit Kepler technical facility

Yesterday was a busy day at SSTL's HQ in Guildford. As the £110m DMC3 satellite constellation contract was being agreed with Chinese company 21AT, SSTL was also delighted to host a visit by three Members of Parliament with strong interests in space and what space applications can do for the "ma...

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29 June 20110 Comments0 Comments

David Cameron, Wen Jibao witness DMC3 signing

Earlier this week, UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao witnessed the signing of a £110m satellite imaging deal between SSTL subsidiary DMCii and Beijing-based company 21AT during the UK-China trade summit at 10 Downing Street. Mme Wu Shuang and Sir P...

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30 June 20110 Comments0 Comments

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