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UK-DMC-1 (2003)

First use of Interplanetary Internet v6 on board a satellite in orbit, UK-DMC-1 (2003)

UK-DMC-1 was an earth observation satellite for the then BNSC (now the UK Space Agency). 
As well as carrying remote sensing imaging sensors, the satellite also carried experimental payloads including the  CLEO Cisco router which demonstrated the first use of the Interplanetary Internet in space.  This was an important milestone in the progression to bring access to spacecraft in to the emerging Internet of Things (IoT).  It is a pre-requisite for the democratisation of space assets when they will become globally accessible resources to be tasked directly by any industrial, commercial or public user.  The CLEO router was also used for the first tests of the Interplanetary Internet which will become the communications backbone for future solar system exploration.

UK-DMC-1 was placed in a lower orbit in November 2010, as it neared the end of its operational life.  Daily operations ceased in November 2011, after over eight years in orbit.