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Navigation Payloads

GIOVE-A under testNavigation Payloads

SSTL developed and delivered the first operational payload for Europe's satellite-supported navigation programme as part of its GIOVE-A mission launched in 2005. The payload provides all the required navigation signals to the required specifications to allow a complete global navigation service.

As well as the demonstration of SSTL's capability for navigation payloads and missions, this was also a significant step in demonstrating that our approach is applicable to the availability of critical services such as communications and operations in demanding, high radiation environments

Galileo FOC payload in build at SSTL

SSTL has already supplied 22 navigation payloads for the deployment phase of Europe's satellite-supported navigation  system, and is now manufacturing a further 12 payloads. SSTL is teamed with OHB–System of Bremen, Germany for the provision of these fully operational  satellites with OHB taking the role of prime contractor and builder of the spacecraft “bus” and SSTL taking full responsibility for the navigation payloads onboard the satellite that will form the heart of the navigation system. SSTL’s payload solution is based on European sourced atomic clocks, signal generators, high power TWTAs and Antennas.