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Sun Sensor
  • Complete AOCS solution available
  • More than 90 sun sensors flown
  • Wealth of user expertise within SSTL
 Sun Sensor
SSTLs 2-axis sun sensor is based on heritage designs stretching back to 1990 and has over 70 orbit years of flight experience. 
Each sensor head consists of an azimuth and elevation slit, and senses the position of the sun in two axes, with a field of view of ±50° in each axis and an accuracy of 1°.
  • Mass : <0.21 kg
  • Power consumption: <100 mW
  • Dimensions : 95 mm x 107 mm x 35 mm
  • Design lifetime (LEO): 7+ Years
  • Operating temperature range: -30º C  to +60º C 
  • Non-operating temperature range:  -40º C  to +80º C 
  • Data interfaces : Analog inputs/outputs

Baseline deliverables

All of our units come with the following as standard, unless stated otherwise:
  • Electrical acceptance testing in accordance to SSTL standard test plan
  • Random vibration testing to SSTL acceptance levels to verify workmanship – with pre- and post-vibration functional performance testing
  • Thermal cycling at ambient pressure for 3 cycles, with functional testing during first and last cycles at minimum and maximum operational temperature
  • Interface control documentation
  • User manual
  • Functional and acceptance test procedures & results
  • Certificate of conformance
Manufacturing standards

SSTL is ISO9001:2008 Certified
Units are manufactured to

  • ECSS Q-ST-70-08C
  • ECSS Q-ST-70-38C 
All work overseen by ESA-certified assembly staff


Missions Supplied To Quantity
NigeriaSat-1, TOPSAT, Beijing-1, CFESAT, GIOVE-A (ESA), RapidEye (x5), Deimos-1, UK-DMC-2, NigeriaSat-2,  NigeriaSat-X, Sapphire, exactView-1,

TechDemoSat-1(Launched 2014),
KazEOSat-2 (Launched 2014),
DMC3 constellation (Launched 2015),

NovaSAR-S (
Launching 2016),
(Launching 2016) 
 VNIIEM (Canopus 1,2,3) 12
 Suparco (BADR-B) 4
 CSIRO (Fedsat) 4

Contact Subsystems

Email us or call +44 (0)1483 326069