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Earth Observation & Science Platforms 

SSTL satellites are base-lined from previous missions and tailored to individual customer requirements. The design and manufacture of all these elements is undertaken in-house.

SSTL follows a heritage based design and implementation approach while at the same time providing performance matched to the mission requirements. Tried and tested units are flown alongside innovative, cutting edge units to provide the customer with the optimal mission solution, providing a reliable spacecraft that is a high performance solution.

In line with its heritage based approach, SSTL system product line revolves around a set of highly customisable "platforms". Inherent modularity in the design means that these can satisfy almost any mission requirement.

Shared Satellite Ownership

Options are available from SSTL for shared ownership of existing or future satellites.  Participants have ownership and operation of a satellite system while the satellite is over a defined region of interest, providing low-cost, reliable and timely access to information.   

International Partnership

SSTL has pioneered the partnership approach to satellite ownership, design, build, test and in orbit operations through collaborative activities. 

Managed Data Supply or Image Purchase

SSTL's subsidiary, DMC International Imaging (DMCii), supports customers with both the supply and sale of commercial satellite data through established channels.  DMCii provides a commercial data service, processing large volumes of imagery downloaded from the multi-national Disaster Monitoring Constellation.



Scaleable platforms in the 5-15kg range 
The SSTL-12 platform is designed to meet customer demands for quality and accuracy, and can be tailored to fit requirements for fulfilling our customer’s business plans. Payloads can customer-supplied payloads and SSTL imager variants, including video.

SSTL offers:

  • Mission and system design of a single spacecraft, or of constellations, formations and swarms.
  • Collaborative mission design, including where appropriate with Surrey Space Centre.
  • Payload development and manufacture.
  • Joint development at SSTL or with/at customer.
  • Academic/industrial training options using the satellite build as part of a hands-on training programme.
  • Training and licensing options.

SSTL-50 & SSTL-100

SSTL-X50 seriesSSTL-50
A single system architecture and technology designed to meet all mission applications and requirements across a range of variants.
Baselined from heritage designs, core platform services such as power, structure, processing, communications and high-precision attitude control are scaled to meet any mission on a compact platform that includes variants and a Payload-Ready Platform.


SSTL-100 platformSSTL-100 and SSTL-100+
Used in the highly successful Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) the SSTL-100 provides the core capability to carry a wide range of payloads.
Active variants include SSTL-100i 32m resolution (1st generation DMC) and SSTL-100i 22m resolution (2nd generation DMC).

SSTL-100 datasheet



SSTL-150 platformAn enhanced version of the SSTL-100 platform with substantially improved payload capacity, improved propulsion and added high attitude agility. It is ideally suited for use of customer supplied payloads given its straightforward interface scheme. Active variants include SSTL-150i 4 Agile (Beijing-1),SSTL-150i 2.5m resolution agile and SSTL-150 (RapidEye constellation and TechDemoSat-1).

SSTL-150 datasheet


SSTL-300 & SSTL-300+

SSTL 300

Very flexible configuration, capable of supporting a large spectrum of implementations, payloads and structural configurations. Current variants are optimised for optical EO from 2.5m (NigeriaSat-2) to 1m resolutions (DMC3 Constellation), SAR and science EO payloads. 

SSTL-300 datasheet

SSTL-300S1 datasheet

SSTL 300S1


NovaSAR-S Synthetic Aperture Radar 


NovaSAR-S combines our heritage SSTL-300 series avionics suite with a new structure and an innovative payload, developed in collaboration with Airbus Defence and Space, that can be adapted to different frequency bands.

NovaSAR-S delivers all weather medium resolution Earth observation data night and day at a price similar to traditional optical missions, and significantly lower than any other SAR platform currently on the market, by leveraging highly efficient S-band solid state technology.  The platform is sized for a range of low-cost launch options.

SSTL NovaSAR-S brochure


Customised platforms

SSTL's platforms are based on a common core of avionics which are used alongside mission specific avionics that have been developed to provide customised solutions. The high degree of modularity and flexibility used allows new developments and techniques to be readily transferred from one platform to another as demand in size or capability changes.