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EO & Science Platforms - NovaSAR-S Synthetic Aperture Radar

NovaSAR-S in flight


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 29 November 2011

Rt. Honourable David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science, announced an investment of £21M that will enable SSTL to launch an innovative and highly competitive new space-based radar remote sensing programme in the international market. 

Through an intensive development programme, the combined expertise of SSTL on advanced small satellite platforms and Astrium UK experience on radar payloads has created a new small radar satellite, NovaSAR, that offers powerful radar remote sensing capabilities for approximately 20% of the cost of conventional radar missions. The UK goverment will provide the necessary seed funding alongside industry to develop and build the first NovaSAR demonstration satellite, enabling the UK to showcase the highly attractive technology to the global marketplace and initiate a constellation of NovaSAR satellites similar to the highly successful Disaster Monitoring Constellation.   

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NovaSAR-S combines our heritage SSTL-300 series avionics suite with a new structure and an innovative payload, developed in collaboration with Astrium, that can be adapted to different frequency bands.

NovaSAR-S delivers all weather medium resolution Earth observation data night and day at a price similar to traditional optical missions, and significantly lower than any other SAR platform currently on the market, by leveraging highly efficient S-band solid state technology.  The platform is sized for a range of low-cost launch options.

SSTL NovaSAR-S brochure