Earth Observation & Science

Earth Observation Requirements


SSTL missions deliver data with very high geolocation accuracy, proven through many missions, necessary for rapid and accurate identification of targets and locations.

Rapid Revisit

Many applications require frequent image updates.  Multi-satellite constellations supplied by SSTL, such as RapidEye and the Disaster Monitoring Constellation, deliver more frequent revisit and higher volumes of imagery than can be achieved through many other systems. 

High Resolution

SSTL Very High Resolution ImagerPrecision optical instruments, as used on many operational missions, have been developed and supplied by SSTL for many years.  Continoous development and a focus on reliability through heritage, continues to ensure SSTL-supplied optical instruments provide world class results and value.

Wide Area Land Use Mapping

Monitoring land use across a wide area provides invaluable information for numerous applications including economic and agricultural forecasts, urban planning, development and growth, population growth monitoring, national infrastructure project planning as well as environmental impact assessments.  We can provide practical systems and services to economically support these, and many more, applications.

Large Area Coverage

Australia Beijing-1Providing unbroken imagery of an area many hundreds of kilometres wide and several thousand kilometres long provides an invaluable source of information for numerous applications.  SSTL has extensive experience in acquiring, processing and delivering this type of information.

Near Real Time Imaging

Frequent revisit and frequent ground station passes, as well as high capacity storage available from SSTL systems, provides the ability to acquire imagery from an area of interest in very short timescales. 

Agility (off-axis pointing)

The ability to point at several targets in one orbit is a valuable capability available from SSTL high performance platforms.  For example, the SSTL 300 platform can achieve a roll manoeuvre of 45 degrees from the centre axis in just 30 seconds. 

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