Divisions - Earth Observation & Science

SSTL can provide complete Earth observation capability with a flexible mix of products and services. 

We design and build space systems from beginning to end offering a flexible mix of products and services to suit any need. 

We have more than 25 years of history in delivering bespoke Earth observation missions, operating constellations and providing imagery to a diverse range of customers. 

For more information on our Earth observation satellite platforms, payloads, applications and constellations, click on the sub-menu navigation buttons. 

Shared Satellite Ownership

Options are available from SSTL for shared ownership of existing or future satellites.  Participants have ownership and operation of a satellite system while the satellite is over a defined region of interest, providing low-cost, reliable and timely access to information.   

International Partnership

International collaboration, through frameworks such as that provided by the Disaster Monitoring Constellation Consortium, is supported through the ownership of satellites within the Consortium.  SSTL has pioneered the partnership approach to satellite operation, enabling many countries to establish collaborative activities. 

Managed Data Supply or Image Purchase

SSTL's subsidiary, DMC International Imaging (DMCii), supports customers with both the supply and sale of commercial satellite data through established channels.  DMCii provides a commercial data service, processing large volumes of imagery downloaded from the multi-national Disaster Monitoring Constellation.

An active global imagery archive can be searched or a customised programme of image capture can be scheduled according to project specifications.  DMCii primarily provides services from the satellites of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation, selling imagery to return revenues  to the satellite owners, and coordinating international disaster response efforts. 

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