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The World's first smartphone in space

STRaND-1, the smartphone nanosatellite from Surrey Space Centre and SSTL, will be launching into orbit later this month.  

Sir Martin Sweeting and the STRaND-1 lead engineers, Dr Chris Bridges from Surrey Space Centre, and Shaun Kenyon from SSTL,  talk about the mission in this short video which also features footage of the team as they build the CubeSat.





07 February 20131 Comments1 Comment

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Sybil Patterson
Wow! Amazing that NASA launched three nanosatellites built from smartphone components as a piggyback payload aboard the Antares rocket. Thank you a lot for sharing this with all people you actually know what you are launching. <a href="">samsung galaxy s4</a>
10/08/2013 06:18:19

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