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Taking the strain out of assembling a satellite

How do you safely shift a satellite?  Delicately and slowly....

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10 October 20140 Comments0 Comments

Using SatNav signals to measure winds and waves

Data from an instrument on-board TechDemoSat-1 demos sea-state info.

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25 September 20140 Comments0 Comments

Birthday Duo

Deimos-1 and UK-DMC2 clock up five years in orbit.

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29 July 20140 Comments0 Comments

SSTL exhibits the small sats space revolution at FIA 2014

The SSTL team enjoyed chatting about our innovative space technology at the Farnborough International Airshow last week.

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22 July 20140 Comments0 Comments

LEOPing in orbit

How do we make contact and take control of our satellites immediately after launch?

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24 June 20140 Comments0 Comments

Proving a point in space

Eight UK innovations are hitching a ride on TechDemoSat-1

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20 June 20140 Comments0 Comments

On the ground in Kazakhstan

To keep our eyes on the skies, we install the ears on the ground.

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09 June 20140 Comments0 Comments

"Mission Control Guildford, do you copy?"

Visitors to SSTL's HQ never cease to be amazed that there's a mini "Houston" mission control centre, right here in Surrey!

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15 April 20140 Comments0 Comments

Happy 30th Birthday to UoSAT-2!

UoSAT-2 was launched on 1st March 1984 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in the USA and carried some novel payloads, including a "Digitalker".

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05 March 20140 Comments0 Comments

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