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"Mission Control Guildford, do you copy?"

Visitors to SSTL's HQ never cease to be amazed that there's a mini "Houston" mission control centre, right here in Surrey!

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15 April 20140 Comments0 Comments

Happy 30th Birthday to UoSAT-2!

UoSAT-2 was launched on 1st March 1984 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in the USA and carried some novel payloads, including a "Digitalker".

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05 March 20140 Comments0 Comments

Make your own satellite!

For all you space fans out there, we've got a scale model of TechDemoSat-1 for you to download, cut out, and stick together. 

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24 February 20140 Comments0 Comments

New satellite image of Somerset floods from UK-DMC2

This latest image is of the area around Bridgwater in Somerset, UK where there has been extensive flooding of the River Parrett.

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11 February 20140 Comments0 Comments

SSTL wheels in for Rosetta comet-chaser mission

After 957 days of deep-space hibernation ESA’s comet-chasing mission, Rosetta, is finally set to wake up automatically on 20 January 2014.

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17 January 20140 Comments0 Comments

UK-DMC2 contributes satellite data to guide UK’s flood relief response

The International Charter: Space and Natural Disasters has been activated by the UK in the wake of the persistent storms which have battered the country over Christmas and into the New Year, causing wide-spread flooding and tidal surges.

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08 January 20140 Comments0 Comments

The challenges of AIT: Preparing for Flight

The final flight preparation stages of AIT are rigorous, and undertaken with the added pressure of a looming launch date.

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29 November 20130 Comments0 Comments

The challenges of spacecraft assembly, integration and test (AIT)

Every SSTL satellite undergoes meticulous inspection and thorough testing before it is launched into space, in order to withstand the tough conditions outside of the Earth's atmosphere.

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22 November 20130 Comments0 Comments

NovaSAR wins an Innovation Award from the IET

We are absolutely delighted that our S-band radar system, NovaSAR, has won an Innovation award from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

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21 November 20130 Comments0 Comments

Awards Season

SSTL is enjoying some hard-won recognition for engineering excellence, ranging from outstanding individual achievements to strong export growth and innovative new projects.

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28 October 20130 Comments0 Comments

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